What Are the Early Indications of Oral Cancer?

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Oral cancer is a very dangerous condition, but it can have a high survival rate if detected and treated early. This is why you should treat any symptoms with concern. Our team offers routine oral cancer screenings at your routine dental checkups. We encourage you to monitor your oral health regularly to catch these early symptoms of oral cancer:

– Thick patches, sores and swelling: You should always notify our dentist of any new developments in your mouth, especially of any areas of tissue that look thick or have swelling and soreness. Be aware that these can be found in all areas of your mouth, including the sinuses and throat as well as the lips and tongue. While a cold or sinus infection can produce similar symptoms, speak with our dentist if they persist beyond two weeks.

– Ear pain: If you have ongoing ear pain that is lingering longer than an ear infection would but isn’t accompanied by hearing loss, speak with our dentist about receiving treatment quickly. Ear pain can be a symptom of oral cancer you may not consider.

– Loose teeth: Having loose permanent teeth is always a cause for concern, even it it is not caused by oral trauma. If you have a diligent oral care routine but still have loose teeth that want to fall out, visit our dentist quickly to diagnose the oral health problem.

We invite you to contact Annette Bak Moranda, DDS today at 760-321-8003 to see Dr. Annette Moranda if you want to learn more about oral cancer symptoms. We can also determine if you need an oral cancer screening in Rancho Mirage, California.