To help treat gum disease and eliminate plaque and tartar that can accumulate below the gum line, Dr. Annette Moranda may recommend scaling and root planing. We have a dental hygiene team that does our patients dental cleanings, scalings and root planning procedures. This procedure is incredibly effective at healing your gums and shrinking periodontal pockets. For more information on scaling and root planing in Rancho Mirage, California, please contact Annette Bak Moranda, DDS at 760-321-8003 to request an appointment with our dentist.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Dr. Annette Moranda has been attending our dental needs for my husband and I and our extended family for many years. She is extremely proficient in her practice and in her care for patients. Service and integrity beyond approach. You are always treated courteously and respectfully by her office staff. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone in need of dental care.

Hugh and Sherry Hoard

Owners of H&H Air Conditioning and Heating

Dr. Moranda, Annette, has been our dear friend and family dentist since we moved here eight years ago. Not only is she a compassionate and caring person, she is truly gifted at dentistry. She has a knack for creating a very pleasant, friendly and relaxed atmosphere, and she always goes above and beyond to take care of us. Her skill, professionalism, and manner set her apart…and are the reasons why we always enthusiastically recommend her to all of our friends. Thanks for everything Annette!!!

Julie and Cole Theel, Lanie and Mia

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