Oral Health Care in Spring: Bad Breath Prevention

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Are you familiar with bad breath and everything it entails? Although we often think of bad breath as simply the result of foods that we are eating, the truth is that most breath-offending foods including garlic and onions, only produce bad breath odors and are not the result of bacterial infections. If bacteria in your mouth is allowed to collect, it can slowly produce foul odors. Diseases such as gum disease and toothaches can often produce bad breath and alert you to its presence. However, bad breath can also be caused by several other symptoms that are more difficult to diagnose.

If you have problems deep within your body including liver or kidney malfunctions, they can often produce bad breath as a side effect. Similarly, respiratory tract infections or any issues associated with problems with your throat and airways can lead to bad breath. Other common causes of bad breath include dry mouth as a result of medications you are taking, smoking or chewing tobacco, an unclean tongue or poor oral hygiene tactics. To ensure bad breath is properly eliminated, the underlying cause must first be treated.

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