Follow These Tips for a Quality Flossing Technique

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If you wish to maintain a health smile over a long period of time, our dentist encourages you to brush and floss your smile diligently on a daily basis. You should be brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing at least once. Unfortunately, all too common, patients decide to skip the flossing part of their daily oral hygiene routine. Our dental team would be happy to help you learn how to floss properly by providing tips on effective flossing techniques.

With the assistance of our dedicated dentist and team, you can enjoy the maximum benefits of flossing. Extract about 18 inches of string and wind them around your middle fingers, leaving a couple inches between your two hands. Use your index fingers and thumbs to hold the floss taut while you gently slide it between each tooth in up-and-down motions, curving it into a C-shape as the bottoms of your teeth along the gum line.

Be gentle and don’t use force maneuvering the floss so that you don’t cause injury to your soft gum tissues. Each tooth requires a clean section of floss, and be sure to bring the floss back and forth each time you remove the floss from between two teeth.

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