A Dental Crown Can Prevent a Bad Dental Cavity

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When a cavity goes without treatment long enough that it grows from a small area of decay to affect a lot of the tooth, it can start to impede oral function. A badly decayed tooth may require that a dental crown replaced the compromised tooth enamel.

In order to receive a custom dental crown, you typically need to visit Dr. Annette Moranda and our team for two separate appointments. First, after ensuring your tooth is numb and comfortable, we can remove the tooth enamel layer to leave behind the internal tooth structure that will serve as an abutment for the dental crown.

We then incorporate the tooth and surrounding teeth in a detailed impression of the tooth and surrounding teeth so that technicians at the off-site dental lab can use the impression as a guide to customize the final dental restoration. At the end of the appointment, we can place a temporary dental crown over the treated tooth to protect your smile from bacteria.

When the crown has been completed, we arrange for the second appointment to take place so that we can remove the temporary crown and then cement the new crown in place. With a commitment to proper care and cleaning, dental crowns can last for several years.

If you are concerned about the presence of a large cavity affecting your smile, we invite you to call our office at 760-321-8003 today to speak with our dentist about receiving a dental crown in Rancho Mirage, California.